Fresh Faced

Fresh Faced

Cara G 試用 Fresh Creme Ancienne 系列Ultimate Ageless Complexion Treatment 。
Feeling fresh and looking fresh is a constant battle for every woman, which leaves us forever searching for great skincare products.  I was super excited when asked to trial these products from Fresh as I had heard about this brand at a beauty award ceremony I attended recently.  Fresh walked away winning many of the awards, which left me, intrigued.
身心內外都保持新鮮感是每位女性的終生事業,因此,我們不斷尋求出色的護膚品以達致最佳狀態。最近我出席某美容界的頒獎典禮時,了解到護膚品牌 Fresh 的產品,並且邀請我親身體驗產品,真令我超級興奮。Fresh 當日贏得多個獎項,更令我躍躍欲試。
Cara G Fresh Creme Anienne 系列用後感分享。
Cara G 試用 Fresh Creme Ancienne 系列眼霜。
Winter is almost here so a skincare range that is hydrating is my main priority.  Hydration is especially important to me, as I tend not to wear make up so I want to achieve a natural glow from healthy skin. Fresh delivered impressive results and my skin was glowing after just three days. Ultimate Ageless Complexion Treatment was perfect for these winter months. It is made of predominately natural oils, which they pride in saying, are hand made. Hand made or not the results were lovely my skin was in heaven.  I love natural oil based skin treatments as my skin is always dry and I strongly believe they deliver raw nutrients right into your skin as they have hardly been processed, if at all.  The Eye Cream was also perfect for winter; it’s quite thick so great to keep your eyes hydrated through out the whole night and day, especially in this dry weather.
冬天即將來臨,選用為肌膚保濕的護膚系列是首要任務。保濕對我來說,尤其重要,我平日盡量不化妝,所以,我希望擁有健康肌膚,從而散發出自然的光澤。Fresh 的保濕效果出色,只用了3日,肌膚就散發自然光采。Ultimate Ageless Complexion Treatment 絕對是冬日的完美保濕護膚品,它主要蘊含天然油份,而令他們引以自豪的是,全人手製造。手製與否,效果都十分出色,肌膚達致完美狀態。由於肌膚乾燥,我喜愛天然油份製成的護膚品,亦深信天然油份能為肌膚注入未經加工的營養成份,因為天然油份較難加工處理。Eye Cream 方面,同樣是我的冬日良伴;較厚的質地,特別適合乾燥寒冷的天氣,讓雙眼皮膚從早到晚都有充足的水份,保持最佳狀態。
Cara G 試用 Fresh Creme Ancienne 系列 Ultimate Treatment Toner 爽膚水。Fresh Creme Ancienne 系列 Ultimate Treatment Toner。

I loved the subtle natural scents of the products.  For me there is nothing worse then highly scented products. The Ultimate Treatment Toner had a beautiful delicate rose scent that seemed very natural and refreshing. No yucky alcohol intense odor like other toners on the market. 
我喜愛產品細緻的天然香味,個人而言,不喜歡香味太濃的產品。Ultimate Treatment Toner 散發清幽怡人的玫瑰花香,予人自然清新的感覺,亦沒有市面上其他爽膚水那種討厭的酒精味。
Cara G 試用 Fresh Creme Ancienne 系列Ultimate Ageless Complexion Treatment。
Cara G 試用 Fresh Creme Ancienne 系列 The Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment。

Overall I was very happy with the results of Fresh and I very much look forward to trying more of their products.
整體而言,我十分滿意 Fresh 的出色功效,並期望將來可以嘗試更多品牌的相關產品。

Fresh 最新輕盈修護乳霜
Fresh 最新蜂蜜滋養面膜

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