Spring Layering
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Spring Layering


Spring is a difficult season to dress for, especially in Hong Kong’s bipolar weather. When you’re just beginning to enjoy the brisk light jacket-appropriate weather, you’re suddenly hit with sweat-inducing heat and humidity that makes you want to shed all of your layers. How do you dress for this fluctuating season? Layering of course, but with a twist.


Layering is often associated with piling on heavy sweaters, coats and scarves onto fall outfits, but designers have given the styling trick an update for spring. Last season, Rag & Bone took the sensuous slip dress out of the bedroom, layering it over long-sleeved shirts and slim trousers for a versatile outfit that works for all temperatures. The combination of slinky, luxurious slip dresses and minimal basics makes for a light yet complex look.
層次配搭通常用於秋冬季節,我們會把毛衣、大衣和圍巾等拼得入型入格,但現今設計師也將這本領放在春裝上。上一季,Rag & Bone 將性感的吊帶裙,配搭在長袖襯衫及貼身褲之上,變成一款適合善變天氣、富實驗性的春裝。吊帶裙的柔軟、亮麗和簡約的基本衣飾,構成一個既輕巧又複雜的造型。

I chose to turn this trend on its head, experimenting with light camisole tops layered over heavier winter dresses. The key to layering right is proportion - keep your dress at an elegant midi length, and avoid cropped tops that may shorten your torso. Try to combine textures as well to inject variety into your look, as I have here with black crepe and oxblood red pleather. Lastly, if you’re mixing together basic pieces, don a pair of statement shoes for a little panache. By repurposing your winter basics, you can save on the seasonal shopping and create a mélange of looks for the spring.


Emily is wearing a Camille & Marc dress, Zara top, COS bracelet and 3.1 Phillip Lim shoes

Photos by Teresa Xu

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