The Red One
Prada 金色時光
Case Study
Make a Statement
The well-seasoned heels
The In Cloud
The Grab-and-Go Clutch
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The Red One

by Peggy Ng
by Peggy Ng



  1. Lanvin Happy 中號絎縫皮革單肩袋 $13,640 @
  2. Dior Defile 牛皮 clutch $23,000
  3. Valentino 馬毛豹紋手袋 $19,400 @ Harvey Nichols
  4. M2MAlletier Amor Fati 飾金屬皮革單肩袋 @12,870 @
  5. Prada Saffiano Lux 手袋 $9,500

Graphic Design by Emily Kam

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The Well-seasoned Heels
Make a Statement
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